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Dynojet Research Tuning Centredyno neil 001s

The modern motorcycle is a very technical piece of machinery requiring the latest equipment to get the best out of it.

At Honda Country we have taken the initiative and installed a Dynojet Dyno so that we can offer our customers the chance to make their bikes run the best they can.


Brendan has extensive experience in racing motorcycles and building, tuning race bikes and superquads. This gives us the edge in knowing what a rider needs to get to the top of his\her game and being able to enjoy their motorcycle to the maximum.

Why is dyno tuning important

The modern motorcycle is tuned to fit within stringent overseas emissions standards and also to be overly safe when used in extraordinary situations for warranty reasons. Both of these criteria upset the bikes overall performance.

With the Dynojet dyno and supporting software we are able to trim these standard excesses and make your engine perform as the manufacturer intended when he built the prototype to your bike.

Another reason you will need to dyno tune your bike is after market parts, anything you add to your bike to enhance it’s performance such as pipes, cans, filters, cams, etc. will effect it’s  air-fuel ratio and will more often than not decrease horsepower until the bike has been retuned to suit these new parts.

Advantages for street bikesdyno neil 004s

Dyno tuning doesn’t only offer extra power for racing it offers huge benefits for the street bike rider as well.

As stated earlier the manufacturer has a lot pressure put on them to make their engines run clean, to do this they must run them extremely lean at low and mid throttles, which is where these bikes are used most of the time.

The problem with this is when cruising the engine runs hotter and on cold days can become sluggish needing more throttle and therefore using more fuel.

Some bikes fitted with small tanks can gain some useful extra range between fill ups.

If you have any inquiries or questions regarding our Dynojet dyno facility contact  Brendan

We will go the extra mile to make sure your motorcycling experience is an enjoyable one.

Whether it be sales or service you can count on us.

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